VolcanoBox World's 1st Knockout Update V1.7.1 MTK Andriod EMMC Flash

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VolcanoBox World's 1st Knockout Update V1.7.1 MTK Andriod EMMC Flash

مُساهمة من طرف مدثرالسمانى في الخميس نوفمبر 15, 2012 9:32 am

History of Volcanobox

The Launching day of olcanoBox

I remember I have the very 1st software of Volcano that was
11-Nov-2011. After this we make lot of software and did lot of test on
lot of mobiles. We make almost 100+ software with lot of changes after
all we make a final ver for public. That ver name was VolcanoTool
V1.0.6. and we release it on 25-Feb-2012.

Hard Fight Days of VolcanoBox[/size] [size=12]

After Releasing of VolcanoBox there was lot of Pain days we faced. Lot
of people was against us. Many teams was playing bad games against us.
But we fight hard in face of giving Exclusives & World’s 1st
updates. Day by Day we prove that Volcano is best and now all our
competitors are run away and we are the only real team left.
Growing up
Our aim is making World’s Class box where our Customers satisfy and Be
proud of become Family member of VolcanoBox. Our 1st update was on
Feb-25-2012 which was 1.0.6 and today date is Nov-13-2012 in these 9
Months we make almost 90 updates which is History in Gsm industries no
any box make exclusive & Unique & World’s 1st 90 updates in just
9 months. If we take a look on Volcanobox Updates average is 10 Updates
in just 1 month. This make History and sure it will written with Golden
words in the history of GSM Industries.

Need your Support
As you guys knows Volcanobox just 9 month old and in this 9 months
VolcanoTeam Entertain you with lot of **** updates. We are working for
you guys only and if you guys want we continue our exclusive work as we
are doing now Please Suggest Volcanobox to your Friends & those
people who don’t know about it. This will Help us a lot. I hope you guys
will support us.

We need more sales to continue invest in expensive development and non-stop updates.
Thanks you

canoBox V1.7.1

World's 1st

  1. Click here to watch video for them who can't see videos on youtube

    have been working very hard the last 2 month to make a special update
    for this special day. We wanted to give our indian users proud to have
    choosen us.

    Release was delayed of a few days… But Indian and Latin America users be ready to be shocked!

    Click here to download VolcanoBox 1.7.1

أهــــــلا ً وسهـــــلا ً بك يا  زائر حياك الله في منتداك وعلى الرحب والسعة نأمل تواصلك الدائم معنا
وان شاء الله تلاقي منا وبينا كل اللي يسعدك ويحوز على رضاك


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