SigmaKey Software v1.20.01

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SigmaKey Software v1.20.01

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SigmaKey Software v1.20.01 released! Broadcom, Welcome On Board!

SigmaKey Software v1.20.01

We continue our aggressive attack on the new unsupported phones and platforms.
Broadcom platform has just been captured and it’s now proudly located among others in the list
of supported by Sigma software! With this one more free for all Sigma users update, the status
of the multiplatform solution has been again confirmed.

Release Notes:


Benefits of current release:
- World’s first REAL Direct Unlock feature
(no need to type in any codes into the phone after unlocking)
- Read Unlock Codes feature
- Wrong Code Counter Reset feature (automatically, without flashing)

OT-906 / OT906Y

Smart 2 / TCL V860

T-Mobile concord / V768
Racer II / ARIZONA / Kyivstar Shine

Although unlocking procedure itself is intuitively simple with Sigma,
detailed step-by-step manuals and drivers are located at the official website.


Fast Direct Unlock firmware database updated with:

Motorola smartphones: 17 new versions
ZTE smartphones: 6 new versions

Unique Heuristic method, available only with the Sigma, allows user
to unlock a smartphone even if it has an unknown firmware version.


The following devices were added to the list of supported:

Avvio 401, 515 (MT6252)
BLU Studio 5.3 (MT6573)
Huawei G2800S (MT6250)
Sanno E89 (MT6253)

Introduced minor general improvements to the main software.

Also we’re testing potentially supported MTK Android smartphones
that are based on MT6573 / MT6575 / MT6577 CPUs. Check out the thread.


End-user license agreement updated

Download Sigma Software v1.20.01

Direct Unlock manual
Alcatel: OT-906 / OT906Y / OT-913 / OT-927 / OT-978 / OT-979 / OT-983 / V860
Vodafone: Smart 2 / TCL V860
ZTE: V768 / T-Mobile concord / V859 / Racer II / ARIZONA / Kyivstar Shine

  1. Select "Broadcom" platform from the tab menu in the upper left side of the software
  2. Manually select Broadcom Baseband processor type
  3. Connect turned off phone to PC with USB cable
  4. Install driver for device that will appear in the system
  5. Disconnect USB cable from the device and connect it to the device again
  6. Select "Broadcom USB to Serial" in the ports selection tab
  7. Press "Direct Unlock" button
  8. Message "Unlocking phone... Done" indicates that procedure was completed successfully
  9. Disconnect the handset

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