GPGJtag V2.12,Add Fly,Vinus,Phone all world first.

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GPGJtag V2.12,Add Fly,Vinus,Phone all world first.

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GPGJtag V2.12,Add Fly,Vinus,Phone all world first.

Frequently Asked Questions GPGJtag.

i am creating this f.a.q to make your and my work easy.
many people ask me question why we buy gpgjtag..
there is many reason to buy father of jtag gpgjtag

1)gpgjtag is only jtag box in the world that can select pin.
please realise what this mean.
we are different then any other jtag box of the market ORT,RIFF or others.
in case you made a mistake soldering a pin you don't need to desolder or resolder,just change pin position from software.

2)gpgjtag support around 800 phones,more then any other jtag.

you can check list if you want.
GPGJTAG Supported Models List !

3)we have only support aria for dump etc,you no need to search anywhere.
GPGJTAG Supported Models List !


Q)i have to buy this amazing GPGJtag,where i can buy this?
A)we have reseller in whole world.
please check in map to find reseller.
if you don't found reseller in your country,you can order it online from.
GSMSP | Online Hard Discount

Q)i have gpg jtag but from where i can download setup ?

A)please follow the link below.
JTAGPro aka GPGJtag - Downloads - GPGIndustries - Forum

Q)i have gpg jtag installed but where i get boot files for repair phone?

A)please follow the link below.
JTAGPro aka GPGJtag - Downloads - GPGIndustries - Forum
Q)i am a beginners i don't know how to access support.
A)GPGJtag Support Aria is too easy beginners can easily gain access.
Tutorial = Where & How to Search & Download Files from Support Area ?

please read the thread carefully,it will make your life easier

Q)Which CPU GPGJtag Support?
A)Please Check The Link Below

Q)Where i can find complete list of supported model?
A)please check the link below.
this list not short by name,so please use ctrl+F
List of some useful thread,it may help you to fix your phone.
[Step by Step] Samsung S8500 Deadboot and IMEI Repair
i9003 deadboot revived SUCCESS
********finally s5560i repaired with gpg jtag***********

Distributors and Reseller Welcome.
if you wish to become reseller or distributor of gpgjtag or any of gpg product,please contact our sales department.

أهــــــلا ً وسهـــــلا ً بك يا  زائر حياك الله في منتداك وعلى الرحب والسعة نأمل تواصلك الدائم معنا
وان شاء الله تلاقي منا وبينا كل اللي يسعدك ويحوز على رضاك


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