LGTOOL & SGTOOL update: BlackBerry MEP0, direct unlock, IMEI repair & more other hot!

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LGTOOL & SGTOOL update: BlackBerry MEP0, direct unlock, IMEI repair & more other hot!

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LGTOOL & SGTOOL update: BlackBerry MEP0, direct unlock, IMEI repair & more other hot!

by SEtool team

Version 2.07 released!

New version highlights:
World’s first Direct Unlock (MEP0 reset), Repair IMEI and Debrand functions for BlackBerry phones!
Added flash FW support for more new LG phones

by SEtool team

Version 1.0.35 released!

New version highlights:
Added support for more new Samsung models without rooting
Added 182 Android firmwares for fast direct unlock!


New for LGTOOL direct services:

BlackBerry 9810, 9850, 9860, 9900, 9930, 9981, 9620 - All World's first!(*)

- Read Unlock Codes for all existing & future versions (by microSD cable)!
- Direct Unlock / MEP0 reset (by microSD cable)
- Repair IMEI (by microSD cable)
- Remove Operator's Logo / Debranding (by microSD cable)

* By bringing these functions to you we prove yet again that our team
is one of the most successful and professional teams on the mobile
unlocking market.
We are very proud to have brought you the solution for one of the most
complex problems that has stayed untouched for the last couple of years.
Please let us know if you come across any bugs and we will deal with them as soon, as possible.

LG F100L, F100S, F12OK, F120L, F120S, L01D, L06D, L06DJOJO, P930, P935, P936, SU640

- Flash Firmware

New for LGTOOL remote services:

LG D700, E975R - World's first!

- calculate unlock codes

New for SGTOOL direct services:

Samsung I437, T779, T699 - No root!

- Code Reading
- Direct Unlock

Samsung P3105, P3105T

- Direct Unlock

Samsung N7100T, S5302B, SHV-E210K, SHV-E210L, SHV-E210S

- Imei Repair
- Direct Unlock

Samsung S3570

- Read E2P Codes

Other changes in LGtool, SGtool and remote services:

- Add Auto TempRoot Android 2.1 and 2.2 Samsung phones
- Updated Repair NVM Files
- Added 182 Samsung Android firmwares for fast direct unlock
- Changed Comport Detection System
- Fixed I8190 Root Problem (now also works with SU)
- Motorola calc algo improved
- LG calc algo improved
- HTC calc algo improved

You can view our official reseller list here. Resellers with credits available are marked as “In stock”, please contact them now to avoid disappointment.

Since v. 2.0 new license system for activated users is added. Please do
not install LGtool 2.xx until you purchase LGtool license (paid
New users should install v.1.99 first to register smart card.

LGTool/SGTool Official Support Forum
LGTool Official Website

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