Sigma v1.21.01 - Finally Real Direct unlock & Full servicing for models on MT6251!

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Sigma v1.21.01 - Finally Real Direct unlock & Full servicing for models on MT6251!

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Sigma Software v1.21.01
& Sigma Firmware v1.23

Today we'd like to give you quite an unique servicing solution for a wide range
of MT6251 based Alcatel phones. This time it's a world's first Direct Unlock feature that
(unlike other solutions) actually works with all the supported models.
Up to date it's the most complete and efficient servicing solution on the market!
And there’re much more...

Release Notes:

MTK Platform Updates

1. Following servicing options were added:
- World's first REAL Direct Unlock
- Read Unlock Codes
- Unlock Code Calculation via IMEI and PID
- Read User Code
- Format FFS
- Write Flash
- Read / Write backup
- Phone book backup

for the supported phones:
OT-112, OT-117, OT-132
OT-2117, OT-217, OT-217D, OT-228, OT-228D,
OT-232, OT-233, OT-262, OT-292, OT-296, OT-297
SFR 101 / OT-F101
TCL-T268 / OT-T268

(these models added in the test mode):
Coral 268, Coral 558
Movistar Onda
S505, S511, S516, S518

Competitive advantages of the solution:
- Totally new to the market and the most effective solution for this group of phones -
forget about other raw solutions you’ve been using!
- Direct unlock actually unlocks the phone, no matter what PID, security type, hardware or firmware versions it has.
- Real unlocking solution for phones which you weren’t able to unlock with other tools.
- Wider range of phones supported for direct unlock and servicing!
- All the tools you'll ever need for phone servicing.
- No need to wait for new updates and the most recent PIDs - everything's supported out of the box!

Check unlocking manual and pinout for these models.
SigmaBox owners may use this cable (included in the box package)
to solder to the phone's board according to the pinout.

2. Following MTK-based smartphone was added to the list
of supported for Direct Unlock / Get Unlock Codes:

ZTE Mimosa Mini (MT6573)

3. First in the World ZTE-G R621 (MT6252) phone model was added for unlock purposes via patching.

QUALCOMM platform updates:

New firmware version supported for the fast direct unlock added:
Movistar Chat+ : MVL_VE_P671A70V1.0.1B02-S

BROADCOM Platform Updates

Corrected unlock process for Alcatel OT-906Y

Want to unlock even more models?
We'd like to buy a range of currently unsupported models. Check the list of them here.

Download Sigma Software v1.21.01

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